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Tribute to Dirk dirksen June 7 at Slim's

Dirkfest: A Celebration of the Life of Dirk B. G. Dirksen

Dirksen Molloy DVD the Mutants: Forensic Report


Dirk Dirksen Memorial Fund Auction


Dirkfest on Myspace

The Big Dirkfest


Rebels to play Dirkfest June 7 at Slim's


Dirk Dirksen now in Wikipedia (contribute to his listing!!)

Dirk Dirksen -- 'pope of punk' amused, insulted S.F. crowds chronicle article by Joel Selvin

Dirk Dirksen VIP, July 1996

BBC News: Been and Gone by Bob Chaundry


Nene's photos of Dirk's memorial / funeral


Dirk Dirksen Memorial Message Board

S.F. Punk Rock Promoter Dirk Dirksen Dead


Ginger Coyote's Tribute to Dirk Dirksen

R.I.P. Dirk Dirksen

Mike the Knife: So Long, Dirk, You Irascible Madman


Dirk Dirksen RIP


Reflections of Dirk from Peter Bilt (pearl Harbor and the Explosions)


Theresa Kereakes: Punk Turns 30: RIP Dirk Dirksen


V. Vale ReSearch: Punk godfather Dirk Dirksen R.I.P.


Dirk Dirksen — Godfather of S.F. Punk Scene 1937-2006 By J. Poet


Sunshine Jones: Goodnight and Get Out


RIP Dirk Dirksen By: Jane Hamsher


Mike Flanagan and Diamanda Galas write about Dirk


Memorial Fund


Say Goodbye Dirk


antiMUSIC - Dirk Dirksen RIP


Punk Globe


VKTMS: Dirk Dirksen


[Deathwatch] Dirk Dirksen, 'godfather' of punk rock scene, 69

RIP: Dirk Dirksen, San Francisco music promoter

Dirk Dirksen punk promoter at Mabuhay Gardens

Donations accepted for the Dirksen Memorial Fund eBay Auction
The Most Entertaining Music-Biz Obit You'll Read All Day
L. A. Times,1,7421982.story?coll=la-headlines-pe-california

Fond Farewells by Larry Trujillo on Zero Mag


Frank Moore's interview with Dirk Dirksen


Scott Beale: Dirk Dirksen 1937 - 2006


PunkNews: Promoter Dirk Dirksen (1937-2006)


Velvet Rope Forum


The Big Takeover


Dirk at the Night of Passion Demons: Michael LaBash


wikipedia entry for Dirk Dirksen (add to it!)


MIKE MONDO'S GROOVIN' GROTTO: R.I.P Dirk Dirksen, Majordomo of the "Fab Mab"

Dirksen Molloy Productions

December Blog: V. Vale Re/Search
Frank Moore on Dirk and Mabuhay Gardens


matador records blog about Dirk Dirksen


video of Mutants saying goodbye to Dirk as he leaves Lennon Studios with Mike Dingle and


Miss Oblivious: Dirk is Gone RIP


Miss Templeton: 443 Broadway, San Francisco Dirk Dirksen — Godfather of S.F. Punk Scene - 1937-2006


Waihili's Ka Leo (The Voice): Dirk Dirksen, R. I. P.


Target Video: Dirk Dirksen RIP


Klaus Flouride's blog


Dusty Watson: Dirk Dirkson RIP


Fond Farewells by Larry Trujillo


The Mutants: Forensic Report (in Japanese)


Dirk's foreword to Winston Smith's book


Josh Kornbluth's The Dangers of Dirk


Alexa Weinstein's Citysearch article about Dirk Dirksen and the Fab Mab


Pixel Sniper: Dirksen DEAD! SHIT!


TerrorBull Ted: FUCK YOU DIRK! (and rest in peace)


Tono Rondone's Blog about Dirk


Frankencrisis: Say Goodnight to Dirk... In Memoriam: Promoter Dirk Dirksen (1937-2006)


Thizzle's Blog about Dirk Dirksen


The Woodshed


Morre "padrinho" da cena punk de São Francisco APPRECIATION / Punk producer thought everyone could be a star


Christoper Kaas: Dirk Dirksen –'pope of punk'amused, insulted S.F. crowds


Carl Macki: The Pope is Dead-Dirk Dirksen (1937-2006)


Sid Terror reminisces about Dirk Dirksen and the Mab's "Tattoo" show


Goner Records Message Board/ ??? / RIP Dirk Dirksen


KCLA: Dirk Dirksen, 69; the 'godfather' of punk rock scene in San Francisco,0,1207220.story?coll=ktla-newslocal-1




The Dead Rock Stars Club

Independent Media Center: Obituary -- Dirk Dirksen


Dirk Dirksen at the "Luver Benefit"


Mark Van Proyen, Lipstick Traces and the Mabuhay Gardens


Real Player Stream of the Josh Kornbluth Show interview with Dirk Dirksen


ANTIPUNK/COM > Pp~{ ~ry > P}u Dirk Dirksen (1937-2006)


Bonedog's Myspace Blog






















H.E.A.R. salutes Dirk Dirksen


Dirksen Molloy Productions

Currently Dirksen-Molloy Productions are realeasing "Mutants: Forensic Report" a Live Concert Documentary on the Art/Punk ensemble MUTANTS, featuring band interviews and live performances at the DNA Lounge in 1989, the I-Beam and On Broadway in 1984.